13 July 2006, with Tags: , | Comments disabled cool css gallery

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Zanna says 13 July 2006 @ 15:36

A comment rather than critique…

If you have the Adblock Firefox extension installed you’ll have to disable it or “whitelist” the domain to see the navigation and background images.

Oh, the XHTML & CSS don’t validate either.


Andy says 13 July 2006 @ 16:42

Zanna, I tried to recreate your Adblock problem but came up empty handed. If you have more info I would be interested to experiment further.

As for the validation stuff, my css does have one thing I need to fix but the xhtml is messed up by the delicious and flickr scripts, I don’t care enough to try to make them compliant – it doesn’t impair my target audience’s ability to read or access the page.