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Hydrastudio - Blog » Blog Archive » Hydra Inspires Creativity! says 17 November 2006 @ 18:41

[…] The Hydra team has been getting recognition around the Web on sites like CSS Vault, CSS Mania, Light on Dark, CSS Bloom, CSS Drive, CSS Galleries–Gold. We’re often inspired by these sites ourselves and are thankful to be giving back. […]


Code Cop says 18 November 2006 @ 14:08

Im concerned that these people keep getting credit for poorly coded sites. The nav for this site does not work in ie7 and is dodgy at best in opera..another of their sites, hairflix, also has problems when you get to the lists of products/services. (ie 6 & 7 has the text running over the bullets (try this http://www.hairflix.com/viewprofile.html?u=85&f=skills )These are basic issues that really should be checked before publishing and certainly fixed before they are given credit for second rate CSS. Now if they didnt brag about their accolades you could forgive them for it but if you put yourself up as an expert…you better be