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edg3 cool css gallery

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Rene Kleizen says 2 October 2006 @ 08:22

He ripped (copied) the website from this website: http://www.jek2k.com/
I think it is a shame!


craig says 3 October 2006 @ 15:54

they’re both using the same WordPress theme, the only change from the Hemingway theme (which they both credit) is the top drop down part.. so it’s hardly a rip in my opinion


Peter says 4 October 2006 @ 04:44

Yee, i agree with craig


Sara says 4 October 2006 @ 15:03

Hey, came here from Christopher’s site via a link. I’d agree with the guys on this one, it also sounds like Rene is slightly jealous and very defensive of that Nicolò guy from the jek site! Lighten up hunnie, 4/5 vote from me


Peter Hansen says 8 October 2006 @ 20:22

Hmm – ripped (copied) or not…

…it is somewhat suspicious that Nicolò blogged about how to create the “drop down” navigation thing more than 2 months before Christopher made his first blog post – infact before Christopher registered his edg3.co.uk domain!

Nicolò’s work is released under a Creative Commons license (Christopher has taken the “all rights reserved” approach) – and I am led to believe that Christopher owes an attribution to live up to the by-nc-nd license terms.

Just my 2 cents…


shaun says 9 October 2006 @ 17:07

Christopher’s site does give attribution to Nicolò’s site anyway..


Peter Hansen says 19 October 2006 @ 11:39

Good to see that it has been added…no attribution on 8th October :)


Peter Hansen says 19 October 2006 @ 11:50

BTW funny that Christopher’s two aritcles on a guy ripping off and hot linking to his site (and jek2k.com) dissapeared while I wrote the previous message. Too bad, there were some good constructive feedback in those posts :(


Peter Hansen says 19 October 2006 @ 11:52

Forgot to mention that the two articles were called “oh-i-do-not-think-so”


christopher says 19 October 2006 @ 18:24

This isn’t going to be long, but firstly hello Peter :) If you want the posts to be put back up then its fine by me, it has been settled with Google / BlogSpot so the posts are no longer needed. But if others find them useless or whatever it doesn’t bother me and I’ll put them back up!

Secondly, regarding the visible attribution, yes it has now been added. As sorted with the admin of jek2k.com the design is released under a Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution, this does not mean I have to give visible credits however, it merely means I must not claim the design as my own (which I don’t and never have done.. I did not ask for it to posted on these ‘galleries’ once!) but if I am asked where I got the design style from, then I must credit the original author, jek2k.com, there needs to be no visible sign anywhere though.

Just to clear that up, not that I’m all too bothered what people say, I find it quite amusing reading other peoples opinions :)


christopher says 19 October 2006 @ 18:27

OK I reinstated both posts anyway, I just need to edit them with a simple message to say it’s now sorted, comments will be left open of course though.