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ReviewMe is a new service for bloggers. They pay you cash (if your blog is popular) for writing about their services or products. How much ?

Well you get $125/review payout if your site got 4 stars, $50/review payout for a 3 star site and the $30/review payout for 2 stars page. The stars comes from Alexa ranking, Technorati and Estimated RSS readers. I think that for 5 starts you will get 250$.

Your review must have at least 200 words. You must write it in 48 hours and add some words like “Sponsored post :” or “Advertisement :”. The service create a big move on internet blogs, hope ReviewMe got nice products and services to write about, if yes i am pretty sure they will be very good.

You can add up to 6 blogs per account. They got great campaign to promote new service, they give $25 000 to people for writing about the service. They pay like they give you first review about their service.

Now about money, it works like this, they split with you 50/50. This will give not only you the profit but company also will benefit. If you want to have more money from this you must work on how you rank.

I already like it better than other similar services ive seen. I think the ads should be on blog topics, if not bloggers lose trust from their readers. If the topic will be ok i think the idea will be nice. The whole idea is nice, putting good ads on the best blogs on internet. Use the blogs as ads services and pay to bloggers for that.

Anyway you must at least try the admin panel, maybe you will like it. It is free to use so why not trust them and try them out.

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free online articles says 26 June 2008 @ 17:05

What an interesting service, but for a new web blog what kind of benefits can be pulled out from their service?