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What is JobPress and how can i use it ?

JobPress is a WordPress Theme for Job Board Websites, it makes your free WordPress installation into business software that you can manage.

This is complete new idea how to use WordPress blog system as Job Board Software. The price for that is only $79 which is very low looking at free blog platform that will server that software. The hosting prices for WordPress pages are also very cheap so for JobPress WordPress theme price our expenditure are almost over and then we can monetize with it.

Is it easy to implement ?

Well, author of this theme gives us complete simple setup and customize options threw WordPress admin panel.

From page where you setup up all you can customize everything (payment system, mail, price and all that stuff). Now how the money goes in our Job Board Software ? author of this the implement PayPal system. You setup your PayPal account and everything is working for $ case, simple don’t you think. Is that safe, yes it is, i never got any problems with PayPal and I use this service for long time.

When we are looking for jobs the first main part are filters. In simple way with JobPress we can filter by “Full Time” , “Freelance” and “Part Time” jobs. In main top menu we have categories for jobs that we are looking for. We can specify there what type of jobs we are searching for. Under menu the big search engine help us find what we are searching for. In the right place of this template we have big link to submit form where we can post our job offered (only 3 steps). Timestamp are also very good to see for how long job offered is online.

If you you ready to monetize with JobPress i can give you special 30% discount code special for CSSBloom readers, just tell the JobPress WordPress theme team that you come from my website.

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Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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