Win $100-$800 in Cash at Flashmint Contest!
19 August 2008, with Tags: No Tags | Comments disabled

If you are good inf WordPress and design themes for it you can grab Flashmint contest and win some good money. They need a blog design for their website. Here are some more details about it. The main website is: Flash Templates and they need to create flashmint blog for it.

Details about this project are:

    * 3 columns;
    * fixed width (optimized to 1024×768 resolution) and widget support;
    * coded;
    * the colors and style of the theme should correspond to Flashmint design!

So you code… then create zip file with theme and some 300x300px preview image and send it to them. If you win you will get 500$ for that ! It is even better for you, you got PSD file with logo ready to download.

That is not even close to the end, if you go here: Flashmint Contest and read more you will know what you need to do to win $300, $200 and $100 if you only own good blog. – a leader in Flash Web Templates area – arranges a contest for bloggers and designers with $1000 fund. Learn the details.

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