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Build a Website with WordPress Noise
28 October 2009 in News | Comments (0)

My WordPress online portfolio is almost finished and I think it is a good time to show you what I’ve done recently.

Build a Website with Wordpress Noise cool css gallery

I will provide full WordPress services which means that I will build websites based on WordPress blog platform and then host & manage them for my clients.

It will be simple as that:

  • Choose & Register Domain name
  • Install WordPress on our Web Hosting
  • Recommended WordPress Theme & Plugins
  • Publish your Website

If you would like to read more about my WordPress services visit this brand new website: WordPress Noise.

You can also visit for cheap hosting reviews.

As always your feedback is welcome !

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CSSBloom in 2008
15 January 2008 in News | Comments (0)

CSSBloom gallery is back broadcasting on our new VPS server. If you want to know more about our new hardware check out this text on my blog:
SilentBits in 2008 – now on VPS.

CSSBloom Administrator

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XHTML/CSS in 3 days !
17 June 2007 in CSS Gallery & News | Comments (0)

If you need an impressive code for your design I want to show you a nice , original service that can help you with that. XHTML/CSS can create a code that will meet your requirements within 3 days for only 150$

It’s quite simple . You send your design that you want to be coded into XHTML/CSS. You pay , wait 3 days and then can use the code on your page . The service gives assurances that the code would work with any major internet browsers. The code is valid with XHTML/CSS. If you need more info concerning this service you can use google to search for opinions and recommendations about the quality of service offered by the site.

The most significant aspect of this service is , of corse, the quickness of creating the code . The guys who own that service can supply you with the code for your design within only 3 days of the date of placing your order . The second most important factor is that your design will be compatible with major internet browsers. XHTML/CSS is ready for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. So both Mac and PC worlds are satisfied.

If you know my gallery you probably think about WordPress and XHTML/CSS . You can visit their site and read details about prices where you will find Integrate Into WordPress. This service will cost you 250$.

I’ve got some more details for you… formats that can be used to create codes are .png, .psd, .jpg, .ai, .gif and many more .The Most popular services for money payments like Paypal and Moneybookers are supported.

Another useful trick is a free ,additional support of the service to oragnize ,setup and adjust your page to your requirements after they code it. This opportunity will be available for 30 days after the receipt of the code.

To conclude , the service offered by Johny and Steve is a useful, fast tool than you can use in order to implement your design on your site. You can do it quickly , without having to spend a lot of money . The quality of the offered services is good. They even provide you with useful after-sales assistance. I believe that what you receive from this service is worth paying for.


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12 November 2006 in News | Comments (1)

ReviewMe is a new service for bloggers. They pay you cash (if your blog is popular) for writing about their services or products. How much ?

Well you get $125/review payout if your site got 4 stars, $50/review payout for a 3 star site and the $30/review payout for 2 stars page. The stars comes from Alexa ranking, Technorati and Estimated RSS readers. I think that for 5 starts you will get 250$.

Your review must have at least 200 words. You must write it in 48 hours and add some words like “Sponsored post :” or “Advertisement :”. The service create a big move on internet blogs, hope ReviewMe got nice products and services to write about, if yes i am pretty sure they will be very good.

You can add up to 6 blogs per account. They got great campaign to promote new service, they give $25 000 to people for writing about the service. They pay like they give you first review about their service.

Now about money, it works like this, they split with you 50/50. This will give not only you the profit but company also will benefit. If you want to have more money from this you must work on how you rank.

I already like it better than other similar services ive seen. I think the ads should be on blog topics, if not bloggers lose trust from their readers. If the topic will be ok i think the idea will be nice. The whole idea is nice, putting good ads on the best blogs on internet. Use the blogs as ads services and pay to bloggers for that.

Anyway you must at least try the admin panel, maybe you will like it. It is free to use so why not trust them and try them out.

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sIFR 3.0 Alpha released
20 June 2006 in News | Comments (0)

We use version 2 on CSSBloom.

sIFR is meant to replace short passages of plain browser text with text rendered in your typeface of choice, regardless of whether or not your users have that font installed on their systems. It accomplishes this by using a combination of javascript, CSS, and Flash.

New Features:

* A new font sizing algorithm, although it needs some attention with regards to padding and wrapping in the Flash element.
* FlashCSS, both configurable in ActionScript and in JavaScript.
* Support for Flash 8 movies, for real good looking text.
* Font resizing in Opera 7+.
* Support for leading
* Flash movie pre-fetching for Internet Explorer and Safari.
* Easier configuration.
* No more object tab obscuring the text when AdBlock is being used.

You can see the full info here: sIFR 3.0 Alpha.

If you want here is a demo page.

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Opera 9 Released
20 June 2006 in News | Comments (0)

Available for download, it includes widgets, BitTorrent support, content blocking, tab preview, source viewer and more.

Opera 9 Released cool css gallery

New Features:

BitTorrent Support – Now you can download torrents right from within your browser
Content Blocker – Remove ads or images – it’s up to you
Thumbnail Preview – It is easy to have many tabs open at once in Opera. But exactly which tab had that video you wanted? Hover your mouse on any tab to see a thumbnail preview.
Widgets – Think dashboard, but just for your browser…
Rich Text Editing – now much improved

I read Dru small review and found this nice info:

Improved standards support definitely makes life a lot easier for web designers and all of the sites I used to visit that didn’t get on well with Opera now work flawlessly which is great news.

Also, lately i read interview with one of Opera developer and he said that they will focus on initiation standard to Opera browser. I think that is also a good news for web masters.

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