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CSSBloom in 2010/11
21 October 2010 in Site News | Comments (0)

Welcome CSSBloom fans !

CSSBloom in 2010/11 cool css gallery

We would like to announce that our gallery moves with new projects. We’ve also added the possibility of suggesting new websites by our readers. I hope that you will like the new pages that we will show you in our gallery.

CSSBloom members & creators

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What To Know As A Web Designer When Buying A Reseller Hosting Plan
21 August 2009 in Site News | Comments (3)

Reseller hosting plans can be a very useful and profitable option for a web designer. Here are a number of reasons why.

Why Reseller Hosting?: Full Service for Your Clients

If you’re starting a web design firm, you want to be full service. You don’t want a client to have to go to someone else for web hosting. They don’t have to if you have a reseller hosting plan.

Why Reseller Hosting?: Bulk Bargain

Buy in bulk, save money. It’s a time honored tradition, and it’s the basic principle behind reseller hosting plans.

Why Reseller Hosting?: Bulk Profits

Another time honored tradition. Buy a bunch of hosting cheaply with a reseller hosting plan, rent it out at a higher price and make money on the deal.

Why Reseller Hosting?: Great Foundation

How do you get your web design business off the ground? A reseller hosting plan that allows you to offer hosting to your clients is a great way to give your business the appearance of a complete web design company.

Why Reseller Hosting?: Preparation for Hosting

Web hosting is big business in itself. Before you see if such an enterprise is for you, you’ll want some practice. Reseller hosting can give it to you.

Why Reseller Hosting?: Expansion

Reseller hosting opens up more opportunities for you to create websites, which is how you can expand your business with minimal cost to you.

Why Reseller Hosting?: Like Your Own Server

There are benefits to having your own server, but they are usually outweighed by high costs. A reseller hosting plan is in some ways like having your own server, or at least a large part of a server, but without the heavy price tag.

Why Reseller Hosting?: Bandwidth Considerations

Everyone wants more bandwidth because it means greater traffic capacity and profit potential. A reseller hosting plan can give you access to more bandwidth.

Why Reseller Hosting: Easy Backup

You want backups for your websites in case something should go wrong. With a reseller hosting plan, you can set up an auxiliary website so your traffic will have a place to go to when the main site is down.

Why Reseller Hosting: Sandbox Feature

Having a reseller hosting plan means you can host websites that are prototypes. If they work, you can adjust the main site to be like the prototype or link to the prototype. If not, you can simply start over.

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7 August 2008 in Site News | Comments (0)

Hey, We are changing our domain from to We setup redirect so that when you type .com domain it will redirect you to new .net domain. If you see any bugs let us know and we try to fix them.

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